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Chilled water is commonly used all industries for heat exchangers, AHU condensers and for process chilling. If it is untreated it causes problems of:

  • Corrosion
  • Scaling in heat exchangers, condensers and process chilling equipments.
  • Microbiological Fouling

Corrosion: Corrosion is degradation of material’s properties due to interactions with their environments and corrosion of most metals is inevitable. It is nothing but destruction of metal. Due to corrosion, the life of entire metallic piping and associated equipment decreases. Moreover, unplanned shutdowns may be required to attend to any leakage problems.

Envirochem suggests dosing of child water with suitable type of corrosion inhibitors to control rate of corrosion.

Scaling: Scaling occurs typically very slowly because of the low concentrations of suspended chemical matter involved (CaCO3 and CaSO4 scaling can also develop rapidly). The type of scaling is identified by a chemical analysis of parameters such as concentrate for levels of calcium, barium, strontium, sulfate, fluoride, silicate, pH and LSI. Scaling can cause loss of heat transfer efficiency and increased power consumption by up to 10-15%.

There are different antiscalants available which can be used to treat scaling and the choice is made based on a feed water analysis report.

Microbiological Fouling:
Improper disinfection of make-up water in Chilled Water systems can cause contamination from micro-organisms like bacteria, algae etc. Disinfection of re-circulating water is very important.

Normally, oxidizing base and non-oxidizing base biocides are widely used for disinfection applications. It is very important that proper dosage be maintained to control microbiological growth.

Envirochem Systems provides a comprehensive treatment program that ensures the following benefits:

  • Proper dosing program to ensure high heat transfer efficiency in the system.
  • Reduced unplanned shutdown and maintenance activities.
  • Cleans fins and increased air flow velocity.

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