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Cooling Towers drive away heat from recirculating water that is passed through chillers, air-conditioning equipment, or other process equipment. Proper treatment of the water that circulates through the tower is critical in determining the heat transfer efficiency and increased life of the cooling tower and associated process equipment.

Major problems with cooling tower systems resulting from improper water treatment include:

  • Corrosion
  • Microbiological Fouling
  • Hardness scaling
  • Silica scaling

Generally, higher water temperature promotes scaling and rapid corrosion. Further, continued presence of oxygen corrodes mild steel and other metals. Due to corrosion the lifespan of the entire metallic piping and equipment parts decreases and often leads to unplanned shutdown.

Envirochem Systems offers a suitable type of corrosion inhibitors to control rate of corrosion after due analysis of the water quality and dosage requirements.

Microbiological Fouling
Improper disinfection of make-up water in cooling tower systems can lead to contamination with micro-organisms like various types of bacteria, algae etc. Also, due to the scrubbing action of cooling towers, micro organisms, dirt and sediment get introduced in the system. Microbiological fouling can cause the entire PVC or HDPE fins to be replaced completely.

Normally, oxidizing base and non-oxidizing base biocides are widely used for disinfection application. Envirochem recommends the proper dosage of disinfectants to be maintained to control microbiological growth as well as special cleaning reagents for cleaning of PVC/HDPE fins to improve heat transfer efficiency.

Hard water in the system produces scaling which is primarily caused by calcium and magnesium salts. The other type of scaling occurs as a result of silicates in the water. Make up water further increases scaling tendency. Scaling directly impacts the heat transfer efficiency of the entire system. This further loads the system with additional power requirement of up to 10-15%.

Cleaning with specialty cleaning reagents may also help to identify the type of scalants. To find out root cause of the scaling, Envirochem recommends an analysis of the feed water for levels of calcium, barium, strontium, sulfate, fluoride, silicate, pH and LSI.

Based on above analysis, specific antiscalants are administered to reduce scaling.

Envirochem Systems has proven oxidizing and non-oxidizing chemicals which control such type of problems.

Envirochem Systems’ comprehensive range of Cooling Tower Solutions can lead to the following benefits:

  • Proper dosing program to help increase system’s heat transfer efficiency.
  • Reduced unplanned shutdowns.
  • Up to 85% cost savings on replacement of fins.
  • Reduced wastage of blow-down water.

Envirochem Systems provides a wide range of specialty chemicals for cooling tower systems under the EnviroKool brand.

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