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Reverse Osmosis (RO) – a proven technology for achieving the finest level of filtration is preferred across pharmaceutical and biotech industries for production of purified water.

Untreated feed water and improper operation of the system can lead to several problems such as:

  • Hardness scaling
  • Silica scaling
  • Microbiological Fouling
  • Oxidation


Scaling of RO membranes directly impacts performance of the entire RO system. Due to scaling, RO permeate water flow rate decreases drastically with increase in operating pressures. Scaling also deteriorates permeate water quality.

Envirochem Systems offers a wide range of antiscalants to resolve such problems. These can be carefully selected based on feed water analysis. Using the correct antiscalant with the correct dosage will keep the membranes scale free and will improve permeate water quality and decrease operating pressure thereby saving power costs.

Microbiological Fouling
In many cases, RO systems get contaminated with micro-organisms like various types of pathogens due to improper disinfection of raw water. It is very difficult to eliminate microbiological contamination from RO systems. Microbial Fouling causes reduced permeate flow and poorer permeate water quality. Timely and correct treatment can control and eliminate microbiological problems and the need to replace RO membranes.

In pre-treatment, disinfection of raw water is very important. Normally, chlorine base or ozone base oxidizing treatments are widely used for disinfection. However, it is very important that before passing the water into RO system, it must be free from any oxidizing matter.

Envirochem Systems has a proven Chemical Sterilizer which controls Microbiological Contamination.

Presence of residual chlorine, ozone or any oxidizing matter in feed water will oxidize RO membrane. As a result, water quality deteriorates. In case of oxidization of RO membrane, replacement is the only solution.

This problem can be controlled by deoxidizing the water by using anti-oxidizing reagents before entry into the RO Systems.

Envirochem Systems’ comprehensive range of RO System Solutions can lead to the following benefits:

  • Proper cleaning program will increase the life of RO membranes by 30 - 50% and save power up to 10%.
  • Proper dosing program will help you to increase system recovery by up to 15%.
  • Reduction & control of frequent fouling of RO membranes.
  • Reduction in operating cost and minimum shutdowns.

As us for our EnviRO range of specialty chemicals for treatment of Reverse Osmosis systems.


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